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Click on the Article Titles below to learn more about this amazing gift from Mother Nature.

What Makes Living Clay® Superior to Other Clays?
Twelve things that show the superiority of Living Clay® to other clays

How Does Living Clay® Detox Through the Skin?
Easy to understand explanation of how Living Clay® is used for detoxing

Criteria for Selecting a Quality Clay by Perry A~
How to know if you're choosing the best clay

Clay Baths
How and why you should detox with clay baths

Should I Worry About Draining Bath Clay Into My Septic System?
Get the definitive answer from the expert

Is Montmorillonite Clay the Same as Bentonite?
Understand the differences and similarities

Are Clays Organic?
The meaning of 'Organic' on product labeling

Mixing Instructions for Living Clay®
How to mix it yourself and save

Proper Storing of Clay
How to properly store your clay

Give Yourself a "Foot-cial"
How to give your tootsies the appreciation they deserve

How to Give Yourself the Ultimate Facial
Do-It-Yourself spa treatment at home

The Benefits of Using Real, Natural Soap
Be kind to your skin and to the planet with REAL soap



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