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Recent testimonials from Living Clay® customers:

"I am thankful that you are promoting such a wonderful product. My family loves it. We have tried other clays, but yours is by far the best! We hope the best for you and your company, and we will continue taking the clay as long as God leaves us on this earth" - Steve C.

"I am truly loving these products.  My skin has never looked this good....thank you, thank you!!!!" - Melody G.


"This clay is AMAZING!!! LOVE WHAT IT HAS DONE FOR MY FACE IN JUST 2 DAYS!!! and the ENERGY I HAVE just after 3 doses :) LOVE IT...". - Julie W.

"Thanks so much for these great products, and please keep them gluten free for those of us who have trouble.  You have no idea how much I appreciate being able to have this AMAZING gluten-free skin care.  It is so hard to find skin care products that are gluten free, much less stuff that works this spectacularly."- Lesley S.

"The Face & Body Scrub is absolutely Wonderful!!! I love it , love it, love it!!! That is the best scrub I have ever used and, my testers are telling me the same!!!! Kudos!!"- Dorie S.

"After just 1 application on my face and neck I can definitely tell the difference in my skin. My daughter says that I'm glowing. She used it the same time as I did and she is 25 yrs old and her skin was literally flawless. She's never been a makeup wearer so she was pleasantly surprised. We both ran to get that sample of Face Cream that was provided and we put it on. We must have remarked to each other at least 10 times how good our skin looked! The bottom line is that I'll be ordering more!"Michelle H.

"Your service and products are incredible and I am telling everyone. I consider it vital to have Muscle Rub and a large container of Detox Clay Powder on hand, and not having either product is a big no-no for me! "Donna M.

"I absolutely love your products. I have Multi-Chemical Sensitivity, and I can use your products (unscented) without any problem at all." - Paige

"OH.......MY GOD! I just did my first clay bath and it was SO GREAT!!! I feel like a million bucks! I also used the Lavender soap and body cream.....also SO GREAT! I feel like how Cleopatra must have felt....HA! I love your products and your Southern generosity. I'll be a customer for life. Thank You again!" - Lizabeth E.

"I have been using the Living Clay for one month and I feel 20 years younger. I can also tell you that everyone at my yoga class and my friends are asking what I am doing different. Seems they think I look younger. I am also using the Rejuvenation Face Cream and Wrinkle Release. No more going to Sephora and overpaying for chemicals to put on my face. The Citrus-Green Tea Body Cream now goes with me everywhere. Love it. Thank you for your wonderful products." - C. Murray

"Just wanted to let you know I've turned a dozen or so people onto livingclayco.com. They thought I was a salesman for the product. After using it for the first couple of weeks with wide range of results, now going into my 2nd month, I'll never stop using it ever. Great product!!!!" Rob R.

"I have been using the clay daily as well as using the superb Rejuvenation Cream. I just placed my second order with your awesome company. My dream is to grow up (yes, I am grown) and work for you! I love this product to the moon and back!" - Omera D.

"Your face scrub is the best I've ever found! I can't see ever using anything else...ever!!! Thanks!" - Becky D.

"I wanted to write in to tell you just how much I love all the products I've tried from the Living Clay Co. The clay mask is hands down the best product I've ever used to control my oily skin without drying it out. After falling in love with the mask, I began trying other products, and I now own nearly the entire line. The bar soaps smell amazing, and knowing that I'm not using chemicals on my skin every day in the shower makes me feel good. I've gotten my mom and aunt hooked on the soaps as well! I also use the facial moisturizer in the morning and night, and it works wonders. My newest obsession, however, is the Green Tea Citrus body cream. The scent is so light and clean, and the cream is not heavy or greasy at all. It hydrates my skin so well, and keeps me feeling refreshed all day long. I want to thank you and your staff so much for being devoted to making wonderful products that are truly pure and beneficial for my skin. I am a Living Clay fan for life!" - Nell S.

"I am an avid user –both internally, baths, masks, etc.  Your clay is the topic of many of my social conversations!  I order the big 2 gallon bucket and go through it like water as I give so much of it away to friends to initiate their clay journey." - Penny M.  Clay head in Wisconsin. 

"I did not notice a great big difference in my skin being soft when I first started the clay baths. I think it took a couple weeks. But to illustrate how great it does make it....yesterday I went shopping with a friend. When he touched my arm to get my attention, his mouth dropped open.... He said, "My gosh, your skin is like satin." Then it was embarrassing because he wanted to keep rubbing my arm.....I felt like a puppy that was being petted. LOL" - Mary Lee

"I have been using the soaps (mostly the lavender) to wash my hair and I really like it for that.  My hair seems to be soft but not too soft and I have to use very little product to get it to do something in this Texas humidity. Thanks for all your great products!" – Diana S.


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